November 11, 2011

What Spring Brings

Hello, people!
So, here's my first post that somewhat looks professional (thanks to the watermarks). I tweaked these images slightly, just to breathe some life into them.

I have recently been going through a different phase in my life where I'm so busy and preoccupied that I am skipping any unnecessary activity.. I guess this is how people turn into work-a-holics!

It feels nice, of course, when you spend your day productively. It also clears up your view on things immensly. There are so many - psychological - things that I understand now that I've detached myself from them emotionally. I guess, when your mind is so full of new things that you had never thought of before, you slowly want to get rid of all the emotional and mental baggage that you brought on from your previous self.

As you may be able to tell, I'm a MAJOR believer in humans changing (even in the course of an evening) and that everyone deserves many, unprejudiced, chances. Time, experiences, thinking patterns, the sense of right and wrong, and all the like will activate from time to time, which will also enable people to change and become better or worse (only time can tell).

Albeit, people, things and situations will change eventually, one doesnt want to just wait around while precious time is being wasted.. At that point in our lives, where we decide to go our own individual ways while the world accomodates us, we change a huge deal about ourselves. Its not exactly a selfish thing, no one's saying that you become inconsiderate towards others, just that you start thinking about what's within, rather than what's without.

Im going through that period.

Peace! xoxo


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  2. Thank you! Means a lot :

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