November 13, 2011


 Hey! Hope your'e having a great weekend! 

There will always be times when you feel that if anything changes your whole life             cycle will, eventually, become twisted and odd. You’ll keep putting in the effort to force everything to stay the same. But you would not realize something that the more you force things to stay the same the more they rebel; that rebellion will be inside of you, not in material things. So, slowly you will start blocking up stress that has naturally formed inside of you due to go against nature through you. You see, change is nature. It must happen because everyday, even if we don’t consciously realize it, there are changes happening around us. Nothing is stationary. People and things age, experiences are forgotten and new ones are formed, judgements, ideas, knowledge, forgiveness, values, views, and the like, keep changing and new ones are formed to be changed again. This series of events will keep on happening till the day that the particular human passes off to the other world, where who knows, again changes might happen (maybe different but that’s besides the point).
Eventually, we all will have to deal with and accept one change or the other. We must be prepared from the beginning and always be highly adaptable. That’s what nature wants from us. What is human, and stable, lies beneath the skin.

Change is good, accept it. Change is nature.

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