August 4, 2011

Nothing Wrong With That

Waking up late and thinking "shit", my new go-to phrase, is my routine now a days. I won't say its a fun ride, nor that I expect something great coming out of it. I've been searching the whole day trying to find out a new solution to fix this sickness that my body has a love-hate relationship with. It's really a disease, an inability maybe or just crippling mostly and very hard to straighten, I'll admit to that. The internet, though, gave me no solutions whatsoever, except an idea. To start exercising and doing yoga! Automatically, I will be exhausted and will be in need of a proper 8 hour go at it. That's the smartest I've come up with against this attractive yet lethal virus that will not leave your system unless you don't realize it.

Right now I am going through blogs I'm following on and I have to say some are really well done and worked hard upon. Initially I was against the idea of someone simply posting stuff on their website and start getting a huge following and getting to live like stars. But now that I see how much hard work they put into it and how much time they give, almost like a live job with pressures and pleasures mixed, I realized that why should they not earn out of blogs! And in today's world, still being very backward, almost every sort of talent, skill, genius or sheer persistence will get you to places (in the long run) where others of maybe more superior qualities etc. have reached and that gives today's world a shimmer around the edges of it's surface to the people who live there. But for others the shimmer is hardly enough when the actual jewel is trapped inside just beyond the apparent dirt that seems slimy and sticky initially and so shoos off more than awe-inducing people, but alas cowards to the fake and egg-shell thin surface of the dirt facing them.

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