June 27, 2011

Fallen King.

Everyone reaches a point in life when they realize, and due to it become impatient, that their life has no purpose enough to live for. Why were we sent to this world? And the ones who think that there isn’t any afterlife, they’re in an even worse scenario, as their one and only life has no purpose.

This time may the turning point for some people, but some might stay there for the rest of their lives thinking their searching for it and trying but are actually too afraid to. Because, by that time they’re old enough to have a set life pattern, a particular way of thinking and feeling etc., they become their own person. It’s important to be flexible in all these things, which most people will say they are but they actually aren’t. We are, nonetheless, very close to nature, which makes it imperative that we live like other animals. Do everything which is the most relatable with survival and how to live on till we reproduce and die. That is simply what nature wants. But, if we were sent here to just live like animals, why are we superior to them? Why do we have the power to manipulate nature? To adjust it according to our demands? Why would nature, which is so forceful, let us change its course? Obviously nature doesn’t like that we have seen that for a fact. So definitely there is some outer force convincing in to comply with our demands. But again, why?

There isn’t any easy way to know the answer to that. But once you’re on it the path becomes life how it should be, happy and complete.

From what I know, we were sent here to know everything there is to know and more. To study everything. To be curious, and compassionate. To help make life better. We know that there will always be people trying to damage others, and nature as well, just for their short term desires for their own selfish pleasures. Some people may not even act on it as they see others have given up on it. Some may just need leadership. Some may just be afraid of what they may find. Some may not want to be reminded of their failure of giving up on finding a purpose and just complying with the current norms.

But even an infant would know that that’s not enough. It never can be.

To do all this can even be selfish. But many things can be selfish in an organic way, like sleeping on time, or keeping ourselves healthy, or simply not going out because there is something more important to do than that. It could be anything.

The emptiness we feel inside may never leave us. Some may fill them up with a dream, or a person, or some other pursuit. But in the end we all have to die and face the truth that all the riches of whatever sort we achieved over our stay will be left behind, so what will we take along, this emptiness we felt that we had once grown numb to but now has been freshened up in us again. Did we tend to our souls all the while?

Scientists may disagree of the concept of a soul. They say there isn’t any logical and substantial proof. But, isn’t there? Its understandable that all our emotions lie on a thin film in our brains, but where do thoughts form up from? They’d say that they are just adapted, or they may be connected with our knowledge (etc.) and as a result formed a thought. But, what about creativity?

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