August 7, 2011


Lately, I've been obsessing over finding the perfect camera for me to take my hobby to the next level. It's definitely not an easy task, especially when youre a beginner and youre trying to learn the photography lingo without which it can become even harder to choose the perfect camera for your requirements. Thank God for all the camera reviews on and generally on websites. Also do check, they have detailed reviews and spec explanation. They also make suggestions.. Which many of my friends did, for which I feel I feel very lucky and blessed.
With the increase in technology development, more like a boom, and a decrease in the prices of digital SLRs, more and more people would much rather buy one rather than a point and shoot camera. This also opens up more chances to become creative with your camera when you realize youre wasting its abilities on simple family shoots, which inspires people to become photographers or review on the camera's performance, which helps people like us.

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