August 7, 2010

Tore my heart out; shut it down (my, my!)

My recent (latest) heartbreak was the result of, if i may, the vulgar life ,and generally odd and disliked 'sweethearts' of my dear John Mayer. Who, without realization nor intention, had excited my affection with his heart-warming music (which still reserves its position as one of the most darling songs to me) which is so open for all to hear, feel, love and adopt as their own. And today, again without realization nor intention of any sort, had probed me to see more of his pictures on Google. I did, and was horribly and ridiculously disappointed by the vulgarity of their freedom to 'show' more than what was needed!
I, my friend, am upset and shocked because of that unbelievable reality... i do hope i shall recover from this soon enough. Because in his songs i had found a friend who felt the same way i did at the moment. And I blindly believing that he was his songs in result found consolation in his tiny album cover on my iPod screen.
So that was my sad, sad tale which i hope will prove to be a good enough reconciliation for my recent disappearance, which had pushed me to put a short pause in my blog.
Yours ever more <3>

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