June 27, 2010

One does not know what is close to him until they lose it - THIS IS SO SO SO TRUE. SO PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE WHAT YOU HAVE!!!

My word! My iPod is having some kind of issues, poor kid, don't blame him though he's been through a lot of stuff * ahem* accidents in the past. Some of you might know what they were (haha), but for others i shall revise :)

Well, for starters it has been , um, falling about quite a bit since the day it came to my clumsy being, it is amazing how i manage to do things that even the ape king would laugh about. So it has these weird dents and scratches which are just all over it, covering every centimeter of it's (not anymore) gloss-clad body. And you know what, my cousin's and my iPod have this dent exactly on the same spot right next to the engraved bitten-apple logo.

Anyhow, moving on. So the second duz (Urdu: meaning: hit; sound) came from my dearest sister who was listening to it and left it outside in the lawn for the dew to have their sweet and rare celebration to seep slowly, slowly into my beloved, well-dressed (inside and outside) iPod. It hurt me more than it hurt the life-less device, I must admit. Even though 'he' had to keep standing in the sun or my study table the whole day for a week!! I know poor baby, he never did anything to deserve this, he had been serving me all his 'healthy' life, and now i feel bad and want to do something for him in return, which we will return to later. Oh and a bit before these terrible times i had lost it's beautiful white and shiny charger (electricity) and then he had to be tied from his butt to the laptop for hours, haha *tut tut*.

Now to the third shift in 'his' troubled life. Okay lets play a game here, i give short explanations to the scenes and you imagine them and then you can ask you yourself a question which i will write in the end. here goes:
1. Nisha ( same and only sister) in a jacket;
2. iPod in it's front pocket;
3. Standing on the veranda of our house in the village;
4. While my dad stands in front of her, on the ground in front of the bucket of water he had kept their for me to take a bath from (because the geyser was not working so we had to go a quite back in time);
5. Imagine my darling sister jumping right in front and above the bucket;
6. And now guess what happens next??

Yeah, the iPod sprang out of the pocket and went straight into the water to have a swim of his life. And after that it was a blur.
And then it had to cover the week-in-a-standing-position in two weeks or more.

So now here I am trying to recover the data and hardware from the incidents above, and more.

Thank you all for reading my sad and troubled iPod's life's troubling stories, that would put an affect on it for the years to come.


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