June 21, 2010

This is me (short introduction).

Okay here goes, this is umm kind of my third blog for blogger.com but then agan this one is new. I went through a couple of weird errors (the site's) in the past, but now i've past them and im ready to start my blog, and hope to update it as regularly as i can.
So first I'll start by introducing myself:
My parents named me Kinza, which means hidden treasure (i don't know how 'i'm' hidden but it's just a name guess). I was teleported into the world on the 17th of February, '93, which was 17 years back, so that resulted in becoming my 'age', haha. I like to read, listen to music and all kinds of regular things teenagers like now-a-days, but at the same time (i like to think at least) i have some qualities which arn't exactly in every single human being in world, but you'll get to know these later, or in the next post probably.
So lets move on to my family, actually this topic i usually try to avoid or simply not think about, because the more you know people the more confusing and complex it gets, and one hardly ever gets to know someone completely and truly. And i have reached that stage of my existance where that happens. But I can tell you about my immediate family, which is small: I have a very intelligent father (Ahmed; aka Dada), a very umm happening mother (haha) (Saira; aka Mama, Mommie) and a sister (Nisha; aka Sister) who's a pain in the a** sometimes, but one thing they have in common: love for others (and self, I might add).
Well, I am going to give my ordinary levels examinations for business studies, accounts and economics this November, and then next year May I'm going to give maths, english language, and urdu or islamiat. After that im going to join some school for my advanced levels, which is going to take two years to complete, aqnd meanwhile ill give the remaining subjects (olevels) (urdu or islamiat or pakistan studies, which are all sucky subjects and i could not be less bothered about them).
i will probably major in economics afterwards, but all that depends on what i want at that time.


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