December 6, 2011

Detesting Corruption

Unedited image to respect the article below.

All this blogging stress and the whole 'professional photographer' thing has made me realise how easy it is to leave your path and get directed to something you really dont want nor enjoy.. Lets leave the deeper meaning to that phrase and instead see how in photography, only, it applies so accurately.

When I started taking photographs, from the camera that was lying around for years now, the only thing I had in mind was how to make them aesthetically look good, add some meaning, and how to become better over time.. And my attitude towards all this was that of an enthusiast and/or a beginner.. I was marvelled by the attraction I felt towards it, the depth of knowledge needed to master the art of taking amazing pictures, and the general new world that had opened to me, that I may or may not have enjoyed before. I was, all of a  sudden searching up things that were completely alien to me before.. Depth of field, view-finder types, lens types and purposes, rule of thirds and the like.. Obviously, it changed me as a person.. I started valuing my surroundings in a more aesthetic-al way, arts of different sorts held more meaning since now I was somehow in on the feeling every art-related person felt, the depth of the emotion I will ignore, for now..

After the initial hoo-haa of the new finding, I moved on to becoming better with the limited i.e point and shoot camera, I had, at the moment.. So, I started taking professional advice from the internet, that were actually meant for people who wanted to get into this field as a profession, which was not my inclination.. But without realising, I plunged in anyway.. And ended up looking at the after-shoot process as a hassle.. Even viewing the pictures.. It felt as If everything I did to make the pictures seem better was for the blog and the people who viewed it.. So, it eventually corrupted the emotion I had towards it.. No saying that theres anything wrong with people viewing and you doing things that people like, instead you should always, consciously, know that people will only see thing if you yourself are really interested in it.. Art, eventually, is the reflection of the human who shaped it.. Of course, it will be tinted by the way he thinks and what he likes or dislikes.. And thats what makes it special.

So, now that I have realised the cause behind my growing, not boredom, but lethargic energy towards photography, I will definitely be more regular towards the blog, and as a photographer I will also thrive when I put my back into it..!

Peace, lovelies!!  

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