November 14, 2011


   Everyday I wake up, I don't instantly get out of bed. I close my eyes and imagine something in my head that's completely out of the ordinary - sometimes even bizarre. At that point in my day, anything can happen to me, no matter how surreal. I think that practice (even though it'd be more beneficial if I woke up earlier) gives me an edge to achieve more than I would have in a regular day; it breaks the monotony of daily life, that we may be tempted to follow (for efficient survival, which nature wants). Breaking the cycle, before the cycle has even begun, may seem useless, even ridiculous! But what you don't know is that:
1. Don't they always say nib the evil in the bud? Daily life rut is evil, and you should treat it like that.
2. The cycle may or may not have started already, it will never tell you that it has.
3. Any sane person would want to start (and end) their day with the merriest thought imaginable.

One thing that, I think, everyone will agree to is how we all actually do expect unexpected things to happen to us, eventually. There is no reason for things to be unexpected if we expect them, right? What's the reason of us expecting the unexpected thing to come? It might be that we are so clouded with our own misinterpretations that we may not be able to see the obvious, when it is to happen. There are many reasons these interpretations might take place i.e childhood memories; self defence; defence of another; love; hate; being optimistic; being a cynic, well you get where I'm going with this. But the point is if you want to move ahead and beyond such things, so you might actually enjoy life and use it to your benefit by spending it productively.
I would advice you to take control of your life, before its too late. We have millions stories to remind us how lucky we are to decide who we want to be in the present (as in, before we die).

Peace! xoxo


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