August 17, 2011

Repetition May Not Always Be Bad

So this is one of my posts from And I like it so much that I thought: hey?! Why can I not repeat this?? So here it is:


I have two blogs on Tumblr. Both for sharing different things i see, feel, like and want to share. Here, though, i will only share in word. As i know a picture is a far better communicator and faster to, but i know as well that nothing is better at communicating than its device: words.

I love speaking, I prefer it over talking.

Its fascinating how we have created odd sounds so as to make others understand what we want to communicate.

Poetry is another form. Poets are people who took words and turned them into art. Art is nothing but emotion and then its expression and using the device/tool of color, texture and other mediums to carry on the desired wish. Thus, poetry in its prime form are no longer rhyming words with the same emotion/theme behind. No, poetry is the reflection of great, and not-so-great human beings, in the form most understandable and relate-able. All, or most, people may not understand every type of it, but it definitely has made changes over time.

I find it easy to communicate with animals. They’re like most people out there in the world, maybe better. Animals and we have the same needs and wants, some have the same aim like animals: to avoid pain, and spend ourselves searching for pleasure.

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